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Free Advertising Opportunities

Electronic Newsletter
You will be provided with the option of advertising in the new Rent-It monthly newsletter. This electronic publication will be filled with current news in the transportation / distribution industries and distributed to our vast data base of over 40,000 potential customers. Simply provide us with your ad graphics and we will upload them into our newsletter. Space is limited and will be available on a first come first served basis. Please fill out the advertising submission form (enclosed) and send it at your earliest convenience.

Website AdvertisingWebsite Advertising
Our website has advertising space available to you. In addition, your ad can be set up as a link to your company website. Please see the advertising submission form for technical requirements needed along with your graphics.Brochures


Point of Sale Location Ads
We will be installing brochure racks in each of our offices. These racks will be prominently displayed and will provide space for you to offer printed information about your company to our vast client base.


For Preferred Customers

Money TruckCore Customer Special Discounts
You will have access to a limited supply of trucks that can be rented at reduced rates. These vehicles can be reserved based on current availability. Once the supply runs out you will be guaranteed your reservation at
your regular commercial discounted rate.

In addition, you are now eligible for new long term / high mileage rental discounts. These rates are quoted on an individual basis but can save you a substantial amount of money.

ReferralsReferral Program
Our new customer referral program gives you the opportunity to save an unlimited amount of money on your monthly rental costs. Simply refer our services to another business (see preprinted referral cards) and as soon as they spend $500 with Rent-It your firm will receive one day’s free rental with mileage included.

This is an unlimited offer. If you refer 10 customers who spend at least $500 each, you will receive 10 free rental days with mileage included.

Cash FlowCash Flow Relief
Managing your business cash flow is always a challenge. Never more so than in these current economic conditions. In an effort to assist our most valued customers we now offer a Cash Flow Relief Benefit. Simply provide us with written authorization (see enclosed form) to charge the credit card of your choice. Once your rental account balance reaches 45 days we will charge the balance to your credit card. This allows you to take advantage of any card points or miles while stretching your payment for over 60 days.



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